ABI Coworth 2020

River View Leisure Park
28FT x 12FT
2 Bedroom, 6 People

The Abi Coworth 2020 designed to help you unwind. Sometimes all you need to unwind is a place to escape to and somewhere designed with relaxation in mind. Whether you want space to enjoy good company, or quiet moments alone, The Coworth has got what you need.


  • Main bedroom
  • Twin bedroom
  • Sofa bed
  • Electric fire
  • Low E’ PVC Thermaglass double glazing
  • Integrated microwave
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Why choose River View Leisure Park?

Each home is purposefully situated on a series of wooded terraces so that you can see views overlooking the River Tees at the entrance over to the stunning upper Teesdale Valley.

The site is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is just outside of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which makes it a perfect base for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits as well as peace and quiet.

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