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Five reasons why park home living is a great choice for retirement

Park home retirement living is set to boom in the UK.

As a nation, we’re getting older. With life expectancy rising, so does the prospect of a long and active retirement for many. Set against the backdrop of a shortage of one-storey homes, park home living is becoming a popular choice for retirement.

Gated park home communities offer a positive choice for those looking to downsize and reduce the time, effort and financial cost of maintaining a property. They also offer security, independence and value for money.

There are many reasons why park home living is a great option for retirement, but here are five of the best.

1. High quality, low maintenance

Park homes tend to be built to a higher quality than most regular properties, and this is particularly the case with older period properties. What’s more, park homes are often luxuriously fitted out with all the mod cons you would expect in a high end property.

As a result, they need a lot less in the way of upkeep, and much of this is carried out by the park owners, leaving you free to get on with enjoying your retirement.

Because park homes on gated communities combine high build quality with exclusivity (in that there are limited numbers of properties available on gated communities), the value of park homes tend to remain high, giving you a sizeable return on investment should you choose to sell.


2. Financial benefits

Park home prices are generally lower than those of traditional properties or bungalows of equivalent size. This means that they’re a great choice if you want to free up equity in your current home without compromising on space or quality.

In fact, because park homes tend to meet higher standards of quality and design, you mitigate the risk of losing property value during fluctuations in the market. Park homes in gated communities add significant value and present a good investment for buyers.

The relative affordability of park homes compared with traditional properties also makes areas that would otherwise be out of budget an affordable option. So if you want to get on the property ladder in a particular postcode but can’t afford the price tag, park home living could be the solution for you.


3. Safety and security

Gated park home communities provide high levels of security and privacy for their residents.
They tend to be managed round the clock by park owners and wardens and have additional measures in place such as gates and cameras, providing peace of mind for both residents and visitors.

Many park home owners regularly play host to their grandchildren, so the security of having a safe place for them to play or ride their bikes is invaluable.

As well as the security benefits of living in a gated park home community, the build quality of park homes offers an additional level of safety for residents. All models are fitted with fire alarms and smoke detectors, and each park has emergency evacuation maps that traditional homes would not.

Gated communities are also well lit, with parking areas and walkways accessible safely at all times of the day or night.


4. Independence

Owning your own home is a symbol of independence, but many retirees can find themselves in a house that’s much too big for them since their children have grown up and flown the nest.

With a shortage of one-storey properties available in the UK, those entering retirement and wanting to plan ahead for their long-term needs, can find themselves with very few options in the traditional housing market.

Park home communities can provide the perfect solution for people seeking an independent lifestyle in retirement. Not only do they allow you to downsize and own your own home, they can also free up equity and reduce time and money spent on property maintenance, leaving more time to enjoy life.

Many modern park homes are fully accessible, have wide access doors throughout, and have excellent insulation, making them a future proof option for those wishing to maintain independence through their retirement.

As well as the park homes themselves, park home communities tend to have good access to local facilities including shopping centres, doctors and hospitals and tend to be well served by local public transport routes. This provides residents with a sense of independence and freedom without being isolated.


5. Lifestyle

Living in a gated park home community can feel like living in a private retreat. It provides a sense of exclusivity along with a ready-made community of like minded people.

As those living on gated park home communities have chosen the same retirement lifestyle, they are more likely to have shared interests and similar values. Residents are largely free of work commitments and able to socialise, creating a sense of community that is largely unseen in traditional neighbourhoods.

Social events are regular occurrences at park home communities, and residents are free to participate as little or much as they please.


Is park home living for you?

If you’d like to know more about living in a park home community, speak to a member of our team who will be happy to answer your questions.

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